Webinar on 2014 Health Survey Reveals Trends and Insights

ASG logo3WASHINGTON, DC— Artemis Strategy Group will present a new webinar, “Healthful Is the New Healthy: New Research for Marketing and Communications Strategists”, on September 23 at 2pm ET. Artemis Partners Jon DeWitt and Dave Richardson will present key findings from their 2014 Motivations Assessment Program (MAP)™ health survey of 1,500 Americans.

The Artemis survey reveals that personal health is evolving to a new stage they call “healthfulness.” Americans are participating in multiple healthy activities to create a more holistic lifestyle. They are driven by desire to lead an active, enjoyable and rewarding life, not just by a desire to avoid being unhealthy.

Dave Richardson says, “Our findings are particularly relevant for health communicators and marketers interested in how Americans think about and act on their health. They will gain insight on the personal values underlying healthfulness motivations and how they can be applied to marketing communications.”

The webinar will cover key survey findings, such as how Americans rate their physical and emotional health, the four important healthy behaviors and the rational and emotional underpinnings of healthfulness.

For webinar details and to register online, go to http://www.artemissg.com/webinar-signup.

ABOUT ARTEMIS STRATEGY GROUP: Artemis Strategy Group is a national marketing research firm specializing in motivation research and communications strategy. The Motivations Assessment Program (MAP)™, an initiative based on proprietary, primary research, develops insights and practical tools that help marketing leaders develop communications that persuade their audiences to act. For more information, go to www.ArtemisSG.com or call 703.262.0550.

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