ThinkNow Research Releases Findings from Hispanic Values Study

ThinkNowApril 16, 2013, BURBANK, CA – ThinkNow Research, one of the nation’s leading Hispanic market research firms, today released their findings from, “U.S. Hispanic Cultural Values in 2013,” a nationwide study that looks at how U.S. Hispanics rank commonly held Cultural Values and compare the rankings across various Hispanic segments to see how they differ from one another.

This study focused on 10 different core values, including ‘Family Unity,’ ‘Morality & Decency,’ ‘Equality of the Sexes,’ ‘Community with other Hispanics’ and more.  In addition to looking at Values in 2013, the study also compared findings to a similar study conducted in 2003.

According to Mario X. Carrasco, Director of Online Research at ThinkNow Research, “This study yielded some fascinating results, but perhaps the most interesting were related to the two Values, ‘Having control of my time’ and ‘Having control over my destiny.’  The more we thought about this category, the more it appeared to us that as Hispanic men who start to live the American Dream – working hard, making more money, providing for their families, climbing the ladder of success, etc. – the more their lives become less their own… and because of that, ‘control’ over them becomes more important… perhaps not unlike the rest of Americans who work to climb the ladder of success.”

“In comparing the Values study results from 2013 to 2003,” Carrasco continued, “there was some minimal movement among the 10 categories, but by far, number one in 2003 and still number one in 2013 was Family Unity.”

To download a copy of U.S. Hispanic Cultural Values in 2013, Click Here.

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