Interview with Richard Thornton – Global Sales & Operations Director, Direct Sales, Cint AB

Brief background of Richard Thornton: Richard has over 12 years of experience in consultancy, operations and commercial sales. He has held strategy positions within the research industry, building up a particular expertise in the online research sector. A BA Honours graduate in Human Resource Management and International Marketing, Richard started his career as a Research […]

Top 5 reasons why online panel industry needs a SUPERSTAR!!!

Quick test: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear these words – CHESS, FOOTBALL, COMPUTERS, PAINTING, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP – I guess – Gary Kasparov, Pele, Steve Jobs, Picasso, and Richard Branson. Now think of the word ‘Online Panels’ does it rings someone names? I guess not!! Every industry needs […]

Top 5 ‘must have’ QUALITIES required in your ‘Offshore Team Head’!!!

Many online panel companies have opened up their offices in India – especially to leverage immense tech-talent available in this market. But in recent times with rampant attrition and low quality programming creeping in many of the online panel companies are rethinking this decision. I believe the solution is to understand and then properly identify […]

TOP 5 Survey Programming Tools you should know about!!

Today there are so many choices available in the market to choose from vis-à-vis survey programming tools that a buyer would get confused by the sheer enormity of it. Questionnaire designing is a very critical part of your research survey and a wrong choice would jeopardize your efforts. I have compiled a short list of […]