Interview with Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose

Editor’s Note: Today I am extremely pleased to interview Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose. Bethany will discuss at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, (July 15-16, New York) Providing direction to the fashion industry based on online sentiment’s deviations from expert-anointed colors. In this interview Bethany provides in depth insights on various topics related to the market research industry. I […]

5 Common Mistakes of Brand Marketing and How to Avoid Them

When you’re in the process of developing your brand, determining the audience can be one of the biggest challenges. Although the products or services themselves may be enough to guide your efforts toward figuring out who your ideal buyers are, it’s still important for you to decide on a clear plan for creating effective marketing […]

Using Big Data in Market Research

Many marketers cringe when faced with the overwhelming task of sifting through ‘Big Data’, but as technology grows it is becoming easier and easier to sift through the enormous amounts of information and process it into something both innovative and substantial. In Survey Research, the vast amount of information stored provides unlimited opportunities into understanding consumers […]

How To Use Social Media For Market Research?

Social media is for more than just interacting with friends and family members. When your business has a page on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, you can use these pages to conduct effective market research. Finding out exactly what present and potential customers need and want in a company will help you better […]

Top 10 Online Panel Companies with Awesome LinkedIn Company Page!

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for business professionals. In recent times it has emerged to be one of the best online destination to network with your prospective clients and customers. Therefore it has become imperative for smart companies to properly leverage the immense opportunities available with this platform. A very important feature available with […]

8 Social Media trends Researchers SHOULD know about

As a market researcher are you missing the BIG picture? Today social media platforms have reached at a stage where it is impossible for any market researcher to ignore them in terms of enormous amount of consumer insights they can provide. Where traditional researchers can ignore the topic by stating that ‘social media is just […]

How to build a B2B Specialty Panel!!

Rome was NOT BUILT in a DAY!!! B2B Marketers need cost-effective and timely insightful inputs to make informed decisions and evaluate key performance metrics. However reliability on industry/syndicated reports has its own pitfalls. In some scenarios building and operating your own proprietary B2B panel is advisable which has certain distinctive advantages over other data collection […]