Top 10 Online Panel Companies with Awesome LinkedIn Company Page!

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for business professionals. In recent times it has emerged to be one of the best online destination to network with your prospective clients and customers. Therefore it has become imperative for smart companies to properly leverage the immense opportunities available with this platform. A very important feature available with […]

HOW to convert LINKEDIN into a SALES generating MACHINE!!!

The biggest problem faced by today’s SALESMEN is how to capture the attention of the FICKLE MINDED clients/customers on internet – which is the biggest source of LEADS in this GLOBAL VILLAGE. With a major chunk of businesses being searched over internet – the very survival of many companies depend upon the brand imagery they […]

Why most online panel companies will close by 2015?

Every morning when I check my LinkedIn profile I happen to see a new panel company POPPING UP! I should have been HAPPY to see people jumping onto the ENTREPRENEUR BANDWAGON but ALAS! When I see the profile of these YOUNG TURKS I have serious doubts. In my beloved country – India, the problem of […]

It’s Raining Online Panel Companies everywhere!!!

Cut through the NOISE!!! In the past few years online panel companies have mushroomed across Asia Pacific region. The situation is even worse in countries like India where we have such companies sprouting up dime a dozen. What are the challenges for established companies? How can an upcoming genuine player cut through the cacophony? What […]