Interview with Mark Turner, Principal Data Scientist for Teradata Aster

Editor’s Note: I take this opportunity to thank Mark Turner, Principal Data Scientist for Teradata Aster for an insightful interview for the blog. Mark will discuss at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, (July 15-16, New York) Mining Text to Pinpoint Customer Reactions to Products. In this interview Mark provides in depth insights on various topics related to the market research […]

Interview with Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose

Editor’s Note: Today I am extremely pleased to interview Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose. Bethany will discuss at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, (July 15-16, New York) Providing direction to the fashion industry based on online sentiment’s deviations from expert-anointed colors. In this interview Bethany provides in depth insights on various topics related to the market research industry. I […]

Interview With Chris Fanning, President & CEO of SSI

Brief background of Chris Fanning: Chris Fanning, 52, is president and chief executive officer of SSI.His responsibilities include managing the business for growth and profitability, creating a strategic vision for the company, and establishing goals and instilling accountability in the organization to meet those goals.Fanning joined SSI in February 2012 as chief operating officer, becoming president […]

Interview with Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead at Confirmit

Editor’s Note: Today I am extremely pleased to interview Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead at Confirmit. Miguel will discuss at MRMW Berlin how we are capturing insights from “The Telegraph” tablet app through embedded surveys. Miguel will also cover different customer touch points in a multichannel experience and explore the value of insights captured from […]

Transparency and Control – two watchwords in market research in 2014

As 2014 gets into full swing and market researchers everywhere begin to look ahead at what the year might have in store, two watchwords come up consistently across the board, regardless of industry or objectives: transparency and control. After last year’s big stories about data security, privacy, and corporate responsibility, one cannot underestimate the importance […]

Online Survey Methodology is Picking Up in the Countries having Low Internet Penetration

I have been associated with online research for last few years and now my observation is that the online research is gradually picking up in the markets where internet penetration is still low. Now we are regularly getting RFQs for the markets where the new online panels are emerging such as few Asian, African and […]

Why brands should establish whether topical campaigns will resonate with audiences before committing

As increasingly tangible investments, it is vital that marketing campaigns be underpinned with research to support them. In the quest to be topical and on-trend, brands may turn to news events to make their campaigns more timely and relevant. However, failing to consider whether a real synergy exists between the topical event and the brand […]

Do Your Market Research With Social Media!

Market research can be a time consuming and costly process. The good news is there is a cost-effective tool available: social media. Many businesses are beginning to use this tool to gather information on their target market. Setting up a social media page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest is only the beginning. In order to […]

Leadership Studio: The New Face of Market Research!

It is said that the “only thing constant in life is change” and rightly so – the day we stop evolving/changing is the day we become extinct. For too long the MR industry has been guided by some very archaic methodologies & business practices which the new breed of researchers are questioning. Our endeavor here at Online MR is […]

How to ensure brand sponsorship resonates with a target audience

Sponsorship is a useful channel for brands with large marketing budgets to raise awareness of their products and services among the public. There is a plethora of different sponsorship opportunities available, ranging from securing a celebrity ambassador to front a product to headline sponsorship of a sporting event or music festival. However, in order to […]