Why YOU should be SCEPTICAL of companies selling Healthcare Access Panel in Asia?

And my first argument is WHY SHOULD NOT YOU be sceptical!! If you have even the slightest idea of healthcare industry in Asia – you would realize that it is an almost impenetrable audience via online medium. Contrary to their western counterparts – Healthcare specialists are NOT internet savvy in Asia. They come from old […]

How Panel Industry is changing the way we understand consumers?

Quite often I have heard soothsayers warning against the “credibility of online panels!!” – 3 words for them – EVOLVE OR DIE. The entire world is steadily moving towards digital medium – LOOK AROUND – the digital world has made such deep inroads into our lives that even the basic human need of friendship is […]

How to build a healthcare access panel!!!

Create a unique value proposition. In recent times healthcare access panel is in great demand due to premium price it can fetch for a panel company. Although there are lots of Asian companies claiming to possess one but the authenticity of such claims are questionable. As a research panel buyer there are few tips in […]