Secrets of Blogging – Business Owners Speak Out!!

Market Research firms often relegate marketing themselves to a second or third (sometimes lower) priority. However, in today’s market place you must be found and be able to articulate your unique value position. One tool is blogging. Here are a few best practices for writing and promoting your business blog taken from suggestions business owners and […]

HOW to convert LINKEDIN into a SALES generating MACHINE!!!

The biggest problem faced by today’s SALESMEN is how to capture the attention of the FICKLE MINDED clients/customers on internet – which is the biggest source of LEADS in this GLOBAL VILLAGE. With a major chunk of businesses being searched over internet – the very survival of many companies depend upon the brand imagery they […]

How to create AWESOME landing pages for panel recruitment?

Many of the panel recruiters and companies I had an opportunity to discuss told about a unique problem they face – people click on their banner ads (which in most cases were pretty decent) but then don’t end up filling the recruitment questionnaire!! Imagine the plight of the ad network that is directing traffic to […]