BIG MR Problem: Can we REALLY believe what people say?

Let us first get this thing crystal clear – people don’t deliberately provide false information during research surveys or focus group interviews. The real problem is that many of them try hard to actually conform to what they believe will please the interviewer. In other words it is the false belief system as to what an interviewer likes to […]

How the GRINCH stole MY DATA!

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a BRAND that was lost in the jungle called ‘THE MARKET’ – it went to the wizard called the ‘RESEARCHER’ to find his way back home. The wizard opened the MAP of the city and showed the brand where is the right path but […]

Why your WEBSITE is the BEST SALESMAN you never KNEW?

Your sales team is the FIRST POINT of CONTACT of your company – they can MAKE or BREAK your future prospect with potential clients!! I think we all will agree to this fact. Bigger companies have the MONEY POWER to hire STAR PERFORMERS – they can close a million dollar deal before you even finish […]

Now You Can Have a HAPPY CLIENT and make even MORE MONEY!!!

Know them to woe them! The lifeline of any business is CLIENT SATISFACTION. Innumerable articles have been written to understand the psyche of this mysterious breed. This article takes stock of TOP 5 QUICK ways to bring smile on your client’s face and get the cash register ringing! These aren’t sure shot magic darts but […]