5 Reasons Why Online Panel Companies Must Leverage Content Marketing (or else lose business)

The biggest problem with online panel business is the entry barrier is too low – with just a laptop and a false claim that “we have 2 million panels in 24 countries (build in few months!)” any tom, dick and harry can start an online panel company. But this strategy doesn’t work for too long […]

Interview with Rohini Srihari, Chief Scientist at SmartFocus

Editor’s Note: I am super excited today to interview Rohini Srihari, Chief Scientist at SmartFocus for the Online MR blog. Rohini will discuss at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, (July 15-16, New York) Inferring Demographics from Social Data. In this interview Rohini provides in depth insights on various topics related to the insight industry.

Interview with Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose

Editor’s Note: Today I am extremely pleased to interview Bethany Bengtson, Analyst at Bottlenose. Bethany will discuss at Sentiment Analysis Symposium, (July 15-16, New York) Providing direction to the fashion industry based on online sentiment’s deviations from expert-anointed colors. In this interview Bethany provides in depth insights on various topics related to the market research industry. I […]

Using Big Data in Market Research

Many marketers cringe when faced with the overwhelming task of sifting through ‘Big Data’, but as technology grows it is becoming easier and easier to sift through the enormous amounts of information and process it into something both innovative and substantial. In Survey Research, the vast amount of information stored provides unlimited opportunities into understanding consumers […]

How To Use Social Media For Market Research?

Social media is for more than just interacting with friends and family members. When your business has a page on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, you can use these pages to conduct effective market research. Finding out exactly what present and potential customers need and want in a company will help you better […]

Do Your Market Research With Social Media!

Market research can be a time consuming and costly process. The good news is there is a cost-effective tool available: social media. Many businesses are beginning to use this tool to gather information on their target market. Setting up a social media page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest is only the beginning. In order to […]

Leadership Studio: The New Face of Market Research!

It is said that the “only thing constant in life is change” and rightly so – the day we stop evolving/changing is the day we become extinct. For too long the MR industry has been guided by some very archaic methodologies & business practices which the new breed of researchers are questioning. Our endeavor here at Online MR is […]

5 Blog Posts You Must Read Over The Weekend

Ah! it is Friday again and I am sure all of you are gearing up for a fun filled weekend – but before you hit hard the nearest pub I will like to share some interesting posts. I am sure these articles will enhance your knowledge. So squeeze in few minutes during this weekend to […]

Lessons from Yahoo Inc.

The recent memo issued by Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer, bans its employees from working from home making it mandatory to report physically to office by June this year and if they cannot, then they better resign. Not only many Yahoo employees are hurt by this policy, worldwide, people are guessing reactions of other technology […]

Is Mixed Mode Methodology of Online Data Collection a BIG FRAUD?

Let me share with you a naked truth – your online data collection vendor is fooling you big time and you have absolutely NO idea. “C’mmon Akshay Kanyal you are just making stuff up” I know that will be the reaction of many market researchers but stay on with me and I will tell you […]