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submit your newsFounded in 2011, Online MR is the top source for news in survey research industry. Online MR is the most prolific blog site reporting breaking survey tech news, how to effectively build quality access panels, providing analysis of latest survey tools, reviewing new panel companies and their services, and offering survey research resources and guides.

Online MR’s audience includes panel knowledge enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, market researchers, corporations and survey technology aficionados.

Online MR is also quite popular with bloggers as well as Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.

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3. With our daily deadline we avoid storing news for later delivery. Normally we publish as soon as we get the news.

4. Avoid long winding headlines. Our editor will typically shorten or rewrite the headline and subhead if required.

5. Kindly avoid such superlatives as: BEST, NUMBER ONE, LEADING, LARGEST, FASTEST, etc. As most of the times such claims can be hard to verify and therefore are usually omitted.

6. Avoid the trap of sending multiple press releases about the same news as it will not only confuse your audience but also put a dent on your credibility.

7. Please don’t send your company presentation or brochure as a news item. Online MR Blog is to promote and publish interesting news. In no circumstances it should be confused as a sales pitch forum.

8. Ideally the news item should not be more than 1000 words.

9. In case your news item is accompanied with images or logos we assume that you are a person of authority to use the same. In no case Online MR is responsible for copyright issues.

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