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KL Communications President, VP to Hold Social Media Webinar

Kevin Lonnie and Angela Zavila of KL Communications, Inc. will hold a webinar on Wednesday, June 13, to discuss ways to use social media to supplement traditional MR methods.

“Social media integration is critical for MR if we want to be seen as the conduit to the customer,” said Lonnie, KL Communications President and CEO. “Our webinar will discuss three ways to use social media effectively, and give listeners next steps for implementing their own social media strategies”.

The webinar is part of a Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group series on social media, and will be moderated by Tim O’Rourke, Chief Research Officer of Healogix.

The series will continue through August 15, at which time the topic will shift from social media to International Research.

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KL Communications is an Insights Agency specializing in custom online communities (MROCs). They deliver impactful insight to clients through customized solutions that blend the latest in research techniques, collaboration technologies, and superior service. Their proprietary IC2 community platform (Ideation, Collaboration, & Co-Creation) incorporates social media, crowdsourcing, and traditional research methods, which are aimed at allowing consumers to become part of a brand’s ideation/ product development engine.

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