Senior Software Developer at Market Research Firm Decipher Publishes Book on AngularJS

Christopher Hiller authors new eBook “Developing an AngularJS Edge” about this JavaScript framework

Online MR NewsMay 29, 2013 – Fresno, CA – Market research software developer Christopher Hiller has written a new eBook entitled “Developing an AngularJS Edge.”  The book, which was published last month by Bleeding Edge Press, covers the intricacies of AngularJS, a JavaScript framework that can help programmers write web applications quickly using less code. Hiller, who has worked for market research firm Decipher for five years, specializes in JavaScript and other programming software serving the market research industry.

The book is intended for intermediate JavaScript programmers, and is not intended to explain the basic JavaScript syntax but rather provide insight into AngularJS in particular. Hiller maintains that AngularJS is an entirely different way of thinking about writing web applications, providing structure, organization and patterns to guide users.

Developing an AngularJS Edge explains basic AngularJS concepts, components and applications by providing examples, answering frequently asked questions and correcting common misconceptions.

The book is designed to assist programmers in becoming proficient with the use of AngularJS in order to create new applications.

Hiller began with Decipher in 2008 and is a senior software developer for the company. Prior to his tenure at Decipher, Hiller was a software and web developer for a variety of companies. He holds a bachelor of science in computer and information science from the University of Oregon, and is skilled in a wide variety of programming languages.

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