Schlesinger Interactive Launches Online Communities Services

Schlesinger Interactive announces the launch of its market research Online Communities services.

Schlesinger provides recruitment, project management and technology platform services both for domestic and international communities, specifically tailored to support the social media approach of this methodology and to optimize the rich insights and creativity that online communities can provide as engagement develops over time.

Schlesinger’s online community services are designed to be flexible – supporting clients’ needs for both online community recruiting and industry-leading technology platforms supported by expert online community project management.

Schlesinger’s online community technology platforms are powered by IdeaStream™, a pioneering platform for private communities.  The software features a customized interface, researcher-driven functions, multi-media capabilities and a broad range of tool kits familiar to social networking members to optimize social engagement and sharing of opinions and experiences.

Commenting on the announcement, Simona Kats, Client Development Director and Schlesinger’s Product Champion for online community services said, “Our online community recruiting services to reach general or highly targeted audiences are supported by both web-to-web and phone-to-web methodologies to maximize the success of creating a highly engaged pool of relevant research respondents. We have partnered with a leading platform provider to ensure our communities are flexible, easy to adopt and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for researchers.”

Anne Hedde, Managing Director, Schlesinger Interactive added, “Whether our clients require community recruits or an entire research community platform and project expertise, the launch of this new service supports growth in online communities and underscores our continued commitment to providing a broad range of research solutions to meet our clients’ developing needs.”

Company Background Information

Schlesinger Associates is a leading data collection company offering a broad range of qualitative and quantitative solutions worldwide and delivering high-quality recruitment for any research methodology.  Schlesinger Associates has offices in the US, UK, France and Germany. To know more about the company Click Here.

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