Samsung Still Hasn’t Won Over the Next Generation of Girls

Girls Think iPhone is Cooler than Samsung Galaxy: New research by FashionPlaytes shows that Samsung has yet to convince the next generation of girls, who overwhelmingly say the iPhone is cooler than the Samsung Galaxy.

logoBeverly, MA December 20, 2013: The stakes couldn’t be higher for Samsung and Apple in the smartphone wars. Both companies have put a premium on positioning themselves as cool and youthful. Samsung has assiduously battled first-mover Apple to win the coolness factor.

New research by FashionPlaytes shows that Samsung has yet to convince the next generation of girls, who overwhelmingly say the iPhone is cooler than the Samsung Galaxy. FashionPlaytes polled 972 girls in the U.S. between December 6 and 18, 2013 ranging in age from 6 to 13 years old. About 3 in 4 (74%) choose iPhone and only a quarter (26%) choose Samsung Galaxy when asked “Which one is cooler?”

“While Samsung’s advertising has positioned the brand as youthful, making light of hipster iPhone aficionados and featuring NBA superstar LeBron James, Apple is beating Samsung soundly when it comes to winning the hearts of the next generation.” said Dana Stanley, FashionPlaytes’ Vice President of Research.

The poll also provided data on cell phone usage among the next generation of girls. About 2 in 5 (39%) of the girls said they have their own cell phone. Of those who don’t have their own cell phone, fully 86% say they sometimes use a parent’s, sibling’s or friend’s cell phone. So overall, 92% have access to a cell phone.

About half (53%) of those with access indicate their device is a smartphone. Forty-two percent say their phone is not a smartphone. Only 5% say “What’s a smartphone?”

FashionPlaytes asked the 92% who have access to a phone, “What’s the #1 way you chat with friends?” Texting was the most popular choice at 43%, followed by calling at 20%. The next most popular options were FaceTime (11%), Kik (5%), Skype (5%) and Snapchat (3%).

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