Revelation welcomes Jim Hornor

Online MR NewsSteve August announces the fantastic addition to Revelation team: “Jim Hornor, formerly of Gravity Tank, has joined us as Lead Methodologist. Jim brings a tremendous blend of design research knowledge, high energy and technical acumen.

From the very beginning, Revelation has been premised on the idea that technology is a tool that extends research methods and practices to help answer crucial business questions. We look at the latest research methods and thinking, understand the opportunities new technology creates and then synthesize the two into not just tech tools, but our methodology and practice.

Jim Hornor

Jim Hornor

Jim will enable Revelation to push the boundaries of technology and research even further.

It’s an amazing time to be in qualitative research, and I am excited that Revelation continues to build our team to serve our mission of giving our customers new, impactful ways to get at the heart of consumer experience.”

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