Results for FocusVision 2014 Market Research Technology Survey Announced

FocusVision’s Decipher survey platform powers meaning ltd’s annual study which reveals developments in technology are continuing to drive innovation across the market research industry

onlinemrnewsStamford, CT  – April 23, 2015 – meaning has released the results of its Annual Market Research Technology Survey, which was sponsored and powered by FocusVision’s Decipher survey and reporting platform. Each year, the survey provides insights into the software, technology and methodology trends within the global market research industry. The results for the 2014 business year were woven in with reporting from the last eleven years, giving a historic view of important data points.

“Technology is the life-blood of market research, and if this survey is its annual health check, it shows an industry that is getting fitter in some areas – such as how it reports results – while ailing in others, such as in how it responds to mobile,” said Tim Macer, managing director of meaning ltd and lead researcher on the survey. “Partnering with FocusVision for the first time has greatly benefited this annual study, from the shared interest in innovation and good practice we both have, through to being able to utilize their flexible, mobile-friendly Decipher survey platform to collect the data for this complex, multinational study.”

Key findings from the survey included:

  • Mobile participation in surveys is growing rapidly yet many companies are taking a passive and unsustainable approach towards mobile participation
  • Mobile and CAPI research are growing in importance while CATI continues to slide, and paper has finally been overtaken by CAPI
  • Most market research companies now work using software controlled by their research suppliers
  • Access panels are favoured over in-house panels for sample sources
  • Proportion of quantitative research revenues to qualitative have remained stable over the years: quantitative represents around 70 percent and qualitative between 20-24 percent
  • There is a high demand among larger companies for new research software
  • Companies are using more dashboards and interactive analysis and moving away from ‘low tech’ methods

Decipher by FocusVision was utilized to field the survey, conduct email outreach to respondents and provide comprehensive reporting and data visualization of the findings. The survey outreach explored topics of growing interest to the market research community, such as data visualization, cross platform research and emerging technology usage.

This year’s survey comprised a sample of 215 market research companies globally, and utilized feedback only from individuals who are responsible for or influential in technology decisions within each company. The sample was managed to ensure representation of three global regions: North America, Europe and Asia Pacific according to the relative amount of research in each region as measured by ESOMAR. Participants were contacted by email to complete the survey, which consisted of a 15-minute online interview.

The complete report can be viewed at

About meaning
meaning is a consulting company which provides a range of advisory and facilitation services in the application of technology in the workplace, in the management of change and in leadership within organizations. As an independent consulting company, meaning is the specialist independent source of support for software dedicated to market research, survey research, data collection and analysis. The company provides a range of consulting services, working mainly at the interface between technology and the human being.

About FocusVision
FocusVision is the leading global provider of qualitative and quantitative technology solutions to the market research industry, providing an online survey platform, research facility video streaming, webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming and mobile device usability studies. Our services allow research professionals to engage with respondents in any place, at any time.  FocusVision has more than 300 employees and offices in the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia and Singapore. @focusvisioninfo

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