Quest Innovation Launches QuickQuest™, an Online Qualitative Project Management Portal

QuickquestlogoChicago, IL, USA: October 14, 2014 – Quest Innovation, a technology company serving the market research industry, announced today the launch of QuickQuest™, an online project management portal that helps research firms manage all of their qualitative projects from across the globe in one place, no matter how many recruiting agencies are involved.

The QuickQuest™ portal provides a resource for Project Managers to help them to manage all the facets of projects, like incidence reports, respondent profiles, project documents, real-time updates and direct calendar linking… in real time, at their fingertips.

According to Chris Lee, Founder of Quest Innovation and fieldwork firm, MedQuery, “The QuickQuest platform has been used and tested thoroughly in-house at MedQuery for several years and has helped more than 100 of our clients to successfully manage their projects. Their feedback that QuickQuest saved them time and money on every project is why we decided to make it available publicly to Market Research agencies and Recruiting firms worldwide, regardless of the kind of projects they manage.”

To help their clients learn more about how QuickQuest works and how they can benefit, a series of free webinars has been scheduled beginning on October 22nd. To read more about QuickQuest, watch a video or to register for a webinar, go to

ABOUT QUEST INNOVATION – Started by Chris Lee, Founder & President of MedQuery for 10 years and former Senior V.P. at Ziment, Quest Innovation’s QuickQuest™ portal provides an online project management tool for qualitative research projects that helps project managers manage the many facets of concurrent qualitative projects anywhere in the world. For more information, go to:

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