Qualtrics Launches New Site Intercept Online Marketing and Research Tool

Qualtrics Site Intercept Helps Brands Convert More Website Visitors through Custom Content and Interaction; Marks Beginning of Expanded Product Portfolio from Accel and Sequoia-Backed Qualtrics. 

Online MR NewsPROVO, UT – August 7, 2012Qualtrics, the company that makes sophisticated research simple, today announced the first expansion to its product line since accepting an unprecedented investment from two of Silicon Valley’s most renowned venture capital firms, Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital.

Qualtrics Site Intercept is an online marketing and research tool that allows brands to alter website content on the fly – without tapping IT resources – to serve custom content and gather visitor feedback, driving unprecedented levels of conversion from the very first click.

Using a variety of criteria such as time of day, geo-location, visit history or even shopping cart content, Qualtrics Site Intercept lets brands display custom messages, surveys, promotions and other content to website visitors in real-time and without requiring any resources from already over-taxed IT departments.

With an easy-to-use interface that requires no programming, marketers can use Qualtrics Site Intercept to create the content, choose how they want it to display on the site, and easily implement rules for when and where it appears.

The possibilities are endless – from dynamically collecting feedback from specific visitors based on geo-location, to coupons for visitors that have added items to their shopping carts, to custom videos based on previously watched video content.

Qualtrics Site Intercept empowers marketers to be creative and flexible, and create real-time custom web content and gather data on the fly – without relying on IT,” said Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics. “We help brands gather valuable insights and maximize the intelligence of their websites so they can seize every opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

Previously available by invitation only, Qualtrics Site Intercept is now generally available as a stand-alone tool for marketers.

The all-new interface is entirely point-and-click and drag-and-drop, and includes nine types of creative intercepts that marketers can use to interact with their customers such as pop-overs, pop-unders, customer embedded content, A/B testing and social media.

Marketers can also select from dozens of conditions or combinations of conditions to determine when and for whom the intercepts appear.

They can customize intercepts to show just the right message to just the right audience at just the right time.

Research is the next frontier for us in providing dynamic, relevant content to our legal industry audience and Qualtrics Site Intercept is key to this strategy,” said Brian Dalton, Director of Research at Breaking Media. “We can create a great-looking pop-over in minutes with interesting imagery, a good question, and the right branding. In a single day, we can generate more than 1,000 responses with real-time feedback on a topical discussion. The fact that I am not a programmer and am changing website content means that anyone can do it.

Qualtrics offers an online platform for gathering market intelligence and insights in real-time, and storing that data in a central location where companies can easily update, analyze, and share it across the entire enterprise.

Earlier this year the company announced a $70 million investment from global venture capital firms Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital, the largest joint investment ever by these two firms.

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics makes sophisticated research simple. The company is a worldwide leader in enterprise data collection and analysis with software that is easy enough for an intern, but sophisticated enough for a Ph.D. Global organizations and research firms of all types and sizes use Qualtrics software to make better decisions based on strategic research intelligence. Founded in 2002, Qualtrics has more than 4,000 enterprise customers including 600 universities worldwide, all of the top business schools, and half the Fortune 100. For more information and a free trial, visit www.qualtrics.com.

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