Professional Survey Programming and Data Analysis Services Launch in Toronto, ON.

Online MR NewsToronto, June 26, 2013: dotH Group is proud to announce the launch of dotH Research, its specialized survey programming and data analysis company catering to the North American market.

The marketplace is becoming more and more competitive and with the entry of International players, Canadian organizations are fast realizing the need for concise, competitive and accurate consumer feedback information.

Reliable accurate feedback requires reliable survey programming and data analysis methodologies.

According to Manish Jetly, Founder and CEO, dotH Group of Companies, “We know, we understand, hence deliver world class services using Confirmit and WinCross platforms and our trained professionals ensure we get it right the first time. It is our pleasure to have Gautam Nath, a market research veteran with over two decades of experience to ensure we keep our eye on the ball.”

Canadian research companies now have the benefit of fast, efficient data turn around capabilities using globally recognized platforms to be able to deliver International standard services to their clients.

Gautam Nath, Partner, dotH Research says, “For us, this is what we do and our focus is very sharply defined. It makes a huge difference to the end result…the authority and authenticity of the feedback we provide”.

About dotH Research Inc.

dotH Research Inc. is a professional market research service company specializing on offering services to help address the growing and important Survey Programming and Data Analysis needs. Our services include proficiency and know-how of market research Survey Programming and in depth knowledge of various CATI and other similar survey programming tools. dotH Research also offer numerous advanced analysis techniques including Data Mining, Integration, and Reporting Services for various research project requirements.

Contact:  or call C : 416.459.7578 or O : 1.888.977.3684 x 103

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