Prediction Market Leader Consensus Point Launches Huunu™ 2.0

Includes Mobile and Multilingual Support

CP logo 1NASHVILLE, TN, July 24, 2014 – Consensus Point, an industry leader in Prediction Markets, has announced the launch of Huunu 2.0, the second version of their ground-breaking software platform.

Among many enhancements, the biggest was that Huunu™ 2.0 was re-developed using ‘responsive design,’ meaning it automatically adjusts to the screen size of the user – computer, tablet or cell phone. Secondly, it has also undergone ‘internationalization’ and can now be used virtually anywhere with a native left-to-right, Latin-based language, including Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, all English-speaking countries and most other countries around the world.

HuunuLogo-840_notaglineAccording to Linda Rebrovick, President and CEO of Consensus Point, “As the adoption of Prediction Market technology accelerates, Consensus Point continues to enhance our research methodology and platform. Huunu™ 2.0 was built with two groups in mind – one, existing clients who need mobile optimization and internationalization and two, those research firms and end users who haven’t yet tried prediction markets. The technology has been validated as reliable, fast and cost effective… so now, there are no reasons not to give it a try.”

Other Huunu™ 2.0 upgrades include enhancements to the gamification aspects of the platform, contextual help and improved handling of images and videos to enhance engagement and reliability.

According to Rebrovick, “Even with a 95% customer satisfaction rating, we cannot rest on our laurels.  We continue to listen to our clients on ways to make Huunu™ better… and version 2.0 meets that need.”

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ABOUT CONSENSUS POINT – Consensus Point is the leading provider of Prediction Market software to global market research firms and their Fortune 5000 research clients. Using an engaging “gamification” approach, the company’s proprietary software platform, Huunu™, takes advantage of the “the wisdom of the crowd” to predict future events and market preferences. Across a broad array of market sectors, the Huunu Prediction Market is recognized by key corporate decision-makers as a top methodology to provide fast, reliable insights for management to make better decisions – including product development, ad testing, concept screening, and marketing.

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