Perspective Research Services Licenses Decrypt’s Beacon (Market Research and Reporting Platform)

Company chooses platform due to cost-effectiveness and flexibility

BeaconLONDON – April 24, 2014–Decrypt, the UK-based branch of comprehensive market research services firm Decipher, today announced that Perspective Research Services has licensed its Beacon market research and reporting platform. Perspective Research is one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent data collection agencies, offering a complete range of data collection methodologies.

Richard Sheldrake, Managing Director for Perspective, said, “Our clients have appreciated the breadth of our online services for years, and Beacon allows us to further broaden the set of tools that we offer. The full-service experience that Beacon provides fits in with our company goals and we are delighted with what we’ve been able to do with the platform so far.”

Perspective Research Services also cited that Beacon provided a cost-effective alternative to other platforms available in the industry. The platform allows the company to continue offering a flexible, integrated end-to-end experience that helps fulfil Perspective’s corporate objectives of top quality service, speedy turnarounds and support for clients at all stages of the research process.

As a robust “Research Hub”, Beacon serves as a central location where users can view all their research initiatives in a single location. This robust survey and reporting software suite features an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface and a whole suite of custom survey tools for authoring and deploying professional online surveys. Beacon allows numerous question formats, multiple languages and branding customisation. It provides advanced features like integrated digital fingerprinting, quality control review tools, email campaign management, mobile field reporting, interactive reporting dashboards and more. Beacon is a TrueSample-certified platform, includes Quester’s automated probing software and has integrated iModerate qualitative conversation technology for both online and mobile surveys.

About Perspective Research Services 

Founded 16 years ago, Perspective Research Services is the preferred data supplier for leading market research companies. The company have built a reputation as an award-winning field and tab service, using the strap line “data collection through intelligence” to underscore a commitment to delivering quality data that clients can rely on for reliable research. Perspective handles research projects of every scale, operates one of the largest UK call center operations and owns a state-of-the-art viewing facility for depths and groups. Perspective Research Services is quality accredited (ISO 20252) and company members of the MRS (Market Research Society).

About Decrypt

A marketing research services provider, Decrypt specialises in online survey programming, sampling, data collection and data reporting. Utilising proprietary Web-based applications, Decrypt integrates state-of-the-art technology with traditional research techniques. Decrypt is all about uncovering opportunities in whatever territory is explored with clients. As a true partner, Decrypt isn’t interested in just data, but also about what that data represents for each client. The company focuses on technology and research systems that bring data to life, and in doing so, helps reveal how even seemingly small discoveries can yield meaningful insights. Decrypt is the UK-based branch of Decipher, which is headquartered in Fresno, CA.

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