New Additions to capabilities at Revelation

RevelationMessage from the CEO, Steve August: “First, we’re happy to announce support for three new languages, Polish, which is available now, and Dutch and Swedish, which will be supported starting in mid-November.

Second, we have made some tweaks to our Word Clouds/Word Trees to make them even better. We have tuned up the “stop words,” the common words like ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘on’ so that the Clouds are showing much clearer word patterns.

We have got more great stuff coming soon.”

About Revelation

Founded in 2007, Revelation provides companies with online qualitative research tools to get faster, more cost-effective answers to their most pressing business questions.  Through Revelation’s Immersive Research™ approach, companies have unprecedented access into the behaviors, responses and motivations of consumers, leading to exponentially rich insights and candid discovery.

Revelation’s research tools include Revelation Project, an online qualitative market research platform; Revelation Mobile™, an add-on mobile platform for Revelation Project that allows research participants to capture and record their behaviors, as they happen, using mobile devices; and Revelation Express, which provides market research professionals with a low-cost, qualitative research solution.

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