Netquest opens new office in Lisboa

Madalena Santo

Madalena Santo

Lisboa, 11th June 2014Netquest has just opened a new office in Lisboa in order to be able to work closer to the Portuguese researcher and to continue developing its business in this country. After opening three news offices in America during the last year (Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and New York), now Netquest is committed to strengthen their presence in Europe.

Netquest owns an Online Panel certified with the ISO 26326 and created through a “by invitation only” active recruitment system. The Netquest Online Panel is formed by more than 420.000 people who are willing to give their opinion, it offers more than 200 segmentation variables and it covers 21 Latin American countries. Specifically in Portugal, The Netquest Panel is composed by more than 18.000 contributors.

Netquest has been attending the Portuguese market from its office in Madrid, but now, it has decided to settle in Portugal to be closer to the local researcher and get to know better their needs. Madalena Santo will be at the forefront of this new branch. She is a marketing research professional with more than 10 years of experience in this sector. Santo worked for APEME and Elogia in Portugal, plus she is a market research professor in ESCS (Escola Superior de Comunicação Social) in Lisboa.

The company is currently working for more than 300 clients, basically market research agencies in USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Madalena Santo says: “the new branch in Portugal has the objective to strength the relationship with the Portuguese clients and to be able to attend their requirements in a more personalized way”. This new branch is now part of the 7 branches which Netquest already has in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and New York.

Netquest Lisboa Branch

Av. da República, nº6, 7ª Esq.

1050-191, Lisboa

Telephone: (+351) 211.582.178

About Netquest

logo_netquest_engNetquest is the leading online panel provider for the market research industry in Latin America, Spain and Portugal with more than 450,000 consumers willing to give their opinions in 21 countries. Netquest is a company that provides Fieldwork and Data Process services for all kinds of market research and opinion studies. The panelists are recruited “by invitation only” in order to ensure representative sampling and reliable information; and are managed locally to give us a deeper understanding of local markets and researchers. Netquest is headquartered in Barcelona with local offices in Madrid, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, New York and Lisboa, all of them aiming to provide the highest quality services to our clients.

Netquest: reliable data through satisfied people.

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