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Enric Cid

Santiago de Chile, 9th July 2014 – Netquest becomes new member of AIM (Asociación de Institutos de Estudios de Mercado y Opinión en Chile), the main association of Market Research and Opinion Institutes in Chile. With this decision, the company, which is specialised in online fieldwork, aims to closer ties and collaborate with other enterprises of the industry by in the development of the Chilean market research.

Netquest was established in Santiago de  Chile in January 2013, with the goal of providing a closer service to the Latin America Southern Cone researcher, based on an understanding of local needs. With the addition to the AIM “Netquest attempts to provide expertise in the field of online data collection and to help market research companies to create an innovate and quality research”, according to Enric Cid, Managing Director Netquest Southern Cone.

Founded in 2001, Netquest is the leader provider of online panels in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, with more than 450.000 consumers aiming to give their opinion in 21 countries. In addition, the company has invested since its origins in technology and quality and it is the only enterprise in the region certified by the specific ISO26362 standard online access panels. Netquest is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices in São Paulo, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and New York, in order to give a local service to its clients, the research institutes of the Latin American region.

About Netquest

logo_netquest_engNetquest is the leading online panel provider for the market research industry in Latin America, Spain and Portugal with more than 450,000 consumers willing to give their opinions in 21 countries. Netquest is a company that provides Fieldwork and Data Process services for all kinds of market research and opinion studies. The panelists are recruited “by invitation only” in order to ensure representative sampling and reliable information; and are managed locally to give us a deeper understanding of local markets and researchers. Netquest is headquartered in Barcelona with local offices in São Paulo, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and New York, all of them aiming to provide the highest quality services to our clients.

Netquest: reliable data through satisfied people.

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