Netquest launches the new AdTracking service

AdTracking, an innovative solution to measure the effectiveness of online ads

NetquestBarcelona, 15th November 2012Netquest launches the new AdTracking service, a reliable solution to measure the online advertising effectiveness.

AdTracking has been designed and developed entirely by Netquest. It allows to answer two key questions: who is seeing the online advertisements and what effect have they produced in the consumer.

The service allows to identify Netquest panel members who have been impacted in an advertising campaign, offering the market researcher three key data:

– Sociodemographic profile of the impacted users.

– Estimated incidence rate of the campaign, by sociodemographic profile.

– Possibility of doing a post-campaign survey (knowing beforehand the panellist exposure to the campaign) in order to deepen the effect obtained by advertising.

AdTracking uses Netquest panels, the largest in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, thereby allowing to get the higher detecting capacity of the market.

How does it work?

AdTrackingAdTracking uses a tracking method through cookies placed to every panel member, with their previous consent. This cookie is not invasive to the user and allows Netquest to detect the access of these panelists to other ‘websites’.

Any advertising network that wishes to use the AdTracking service only has to insert a call (TAG) to Netquest server, in their specific ad (e.g. banner). Thus, Netquest can easily detect the impacts generated by the studied advertising, separate the impacted panelist from those who have not been impacted and complete this information with a large amount of data already registered in the panel. The impacted users’ data to offer can be very detailed: from demographic data to consumption habits information (brands, purchase frequency, etc.).

To end with, the researcher has the possibility to survey the panelists right away, knowing beforehand whether they have or have not been impacted by the specific ad. It is done in order to measure these data that cannot be obtained by a simple observation: purchase intention, awareness and brand recall, understanding of the advertising message, brand’s valuation…

Netquest presented the AdTracking service last July 2012 on the fourth edition of Netquest Days. Thenceforth, there have been over 115 million impacts on users from all over the world.

About Netquest

Netquest is the leading online panel provider for the market research industry in Latin America, Spain and Portugal with more than 450,000 consumers willing to give their opinions in 21 countries. Netquest is a company that provides Fieldwork and Data Process services for all kinds of market research and opinion studies. The panelists are recruited “by invitation only” in order to ensure representative sampling and reliable information; and are managed locally to give us a deeper understanding of local markets and researchers. Netquest is headquartered in Barcelona with local offices in Madrid, Mexico City and São Paulo having the aim of providing quality services to our clients.

Netquest: reliable data through satisfied people.

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