Local Bishop Receives Honorary Doctorate and Appointment to Ambassador to the United Nations

Online MR NewsNew York, NY – The founder and chairperson of Worldwide Association of Small Churches Bishop Dr. Ebony Kirkland, is pleased to announce that she has received an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters as well as, being appointed as and ambassador at large for the United Nations.

As a professional market researcher and faith based leader, Dr. Kirkland has long been known as a pioneer.

Originally from Costa Rica, Dr. Kirkland is fluent in several languages.  Long known for being at the forefront of the market research industry, Dr. Kirkland is also significantly active in the faith based community.

She founded the Worldwide Association of Small Churches (and houses of worship).  In addition to supporting the association, Dr. Kirkland recently founded the  Interfaith Council for sustainable growth.

Dr. Kirkland is also the leader of the Church of the Living God and is often consulted by politicians on faith based issues, and fund raising.

Her commitment to bridge the gap of religious differences has led to increased community cooperation, supporting Christian doctrine and keeping the local community at large involved and engaged.  Her dream of being an advocate of peace is slowly coming to fruition.

Dealing with large corporations has uniquely prepared Dr. Kirkland for community service.  “My faith, my knowledge and my commitment to my fellow man has elevated me to a unique level that only God can orchestrate,” Said Dr. Kirkland.

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