Launched: PanelFinder v2.0!!!

Online MR News6th July 2012: PanelFinder announces the launch of Version 2.0 with more advanced features!!

The primary goal of PanelFinder is to replace the labor intensive RFQ (Request for Quotation) process between market research (MR) companies and panel providers. In addition, it enables reporting, so that each account holder has an accurate view of past RFQs. PanelFinder is independent from panel providers and market research companies.

This gives it the freedom to function as a completely neutral party. It is owned by Halexi, LLC. On the market research side, PanelFinder is used by fielding managers, as well as members of the sales team. On the panel provider side, PanelFinder is used by client service representatives.

New Updates includes:

Live search & pagination (All Users) – Project and user lists are now searchable and sortable. Each list is paginated which decreases load times and makes the application faster.

Redesigned User & Account Configuration Screens (All Users) – PanelFinder is easier to customize with a better laid out set of options.

Archived Requests (All Users) – All users can now view their archived requests.

Project Setup (MR Users) – New project setup screen is redesigned to be more intuitive. On the new screen, the project and scenario information are displayed together on the same page. Subgroups have been moved to their own separate page.

Tabbed Browsing (MR Users) – Each request is easier to navigate.

Country Dashboard (MR Admin Users Only) – This interactive dashboard allows admin users to click on a world map, retrieve past requests for each country and quickly search subgroups, panel definitions, scenarios, etc.

Financial Reporting (MR Admin Users Only) – Provides a monthly snapshot of all activity within PanelFinder. Get a breakdown of requests, scenarios, messages as well as time and financial savings estimates.

Alex UzginThe founder of PanelFinder Alex Uzgin has commented: “We are happy to share some exciting news with our Online Market Research community. After months of tireless work we launched PanelFinder v2.0. There are numerous new features which we describe in more detail on our company blog. We are always interested in new ways to visualize and present data on the web. One of the features in PanelFinder v2.0 is the new Country Dashboard.

On this dashboard, registered users can quickly see past requests for each country. In addition, users have the drill-down capability to segment past requests by subgroup, survey length and research methodology. We are always working to make PanelFinder better and would to hear your thoughts”.

Country Dashboard

About PanelFinder:

PanelFinderPanelFinder empowers market research teams with better, faster, sourcing and organization of pricing for panels of survey respondents.

Market research teams can submit panel quote requests using a variety of criteria such as multiple countries, different survey lengths, multiple languages, a variety of subgroups, etc. In turn, panel providers can use PanelFinder to develop stronger relationships with market research firms by streamlining the time consuming panel request process.

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