Latest smartphone craze Roamler hits the UK!!

New location-based app allows users to complete challenges and earn money while sharing with friends.

Online MR News2 July 2012: Location-based crowd sourcing app Roamler is on track to be the next compulsive trend to hit iPhone users this summer.

The app, which is free to download, is available to anyone with an iPhone and allows participants, termed ‘Roamlers’, to perform small tasks at home or in their local area on behalf of brands in return for ‘experience’ points, and in most cases a cash reward.

Highly addictive, the app has been live in the Netherlands for a year and has so far attracted over 5,000 ‘Roamlers’ who are eager to have their say, compete with friends, be part of a community, get out and about in their local area, and earn money.

Tech start-up Roamler was launched in 2011 by Dutch entrepreneurs Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis as a means of exploiting the ever-growing popularity of smartphones to benefit both brands and individuals.

In the UK, brands that have signed up to use this innovative means of market insight include Red Bull, Walkers and TomTom.

Once the app has been downloaded, Roamlers can instantly begin undertaking ‘tasks’ of varying difficulty and creativity. Assignments are both home or location based and could include taking a photograph, filling out a simple checklist or reviewing a product’s presentation.

A recent upgrade to the app now also encourages more social interaction between Roamlers, so there is the opportunity to ‘love’ or comment upon a challenge performed by a friend.

Those with a competitive streak are indulged as they can race one another to be the first to complete a task, and progressing through the levels offers an increased number and variety of new tasks.

Emm McAndrew, 37, from Rugby, one of the first UK Roamlers comments: “I’m very impressed with the variety and quantity of the tasks available and also with the encouragement to the user to keep things fresh and creative. Roamler has now become part of my daily routine – when I go somewhere new, I used to check in on Facebook but now the first thing I do is check Roamler to see if there’s a task nearby!

Co-founder of Roamler, Wiggert de Haan adds: “There is a huge appetite at the moment among iPhone users to play games competitively and we saw an opportunity for brands to capitalise on this. Roamler has been a huge hit in the Netherlands, with 150,000 tasks undertaken so far and many fans commenting on the addictive nature of the app. UK consumers now have a chance to join in the fun, share and network with new and old friends via Roamler, and earn money while providing useful insight on behalf of brands.

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About Roamler

• Roamler is an iPhone application that allows users to earn money through tasks. Tasks will be based on location and are easy to undertake, ranging from taking a photograph, writing a short review or completing a small checklist.

Free to download, Roamler allows individuals to have their say, compete with friends, be part of a community, get out and about in their local area, and earn money through tasks. Roamler was founded in 2011 and has around 6,000 members in the UK and the Netherlands.

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