KL Communications Acquires Grupthink; Creates New CrowdWeaving™ Platform

online mr newsKL Communications, Inc., a Red Bank, NJ based collaborative research agency, has acquired Grupthink, a company that specializes in collaborative online discussions that allow participants to provide feedback on moderated challenges and problems.

The venture is part of KL Communications’ co-collaborative research initiative which, when combined with the company’s proprietary community platform, enables researchers to employ new and traditional research methods, thus providing solutions for collaborative, impactful research. Grupthink and KL Communications will work together to create a truly innovative CrowdWeaving™ module, where participants are able to collaborate with companies to create new products, designs, etc.

“The goal with this acquisition is to establish ourselves as true leaders in co-creation, which has been our focus for some time,” said Sean Holbert, Executive VP of Client Relations. “Consumers are not only able to submit their own creative ideas, but they tell us which of the other ideas excite them the most. Consumers can then work together to mold and shape an idea until they truly believe in it and want to see it succeed.”

“We found that other modules were limiting us in numerous ways,” adds Kevin Lonnie, President and CEO of KL Communications.  “We knew we could do more. So we decided to work with Grupthink to build the exact tool that we needed.”

With this new CrowdWeaving™ platform, participants can submit innovative ideas, and then vote on others’ ideas and rank their “favorites”. Participants are then given the opportunity to hone their ideas and implement suggestions from other participants and moderators. The result is a fun, socially engaging, and interactive way for participants to actively offer feedback on their favorite products and services.

“We’ve been proud to see Grupthink used with great success by companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small non-profits,” said Steven Sundheim, founder of Grupthink. “But we knew early on that our platform was particularly suited for fostering consumer-led innovation, so for KL Communications, Grupthink will serve as the perfect foundation for their co-creation solution.”

The initial version of the new CrowdWeaving™ tool is expected to be released in early 2013.

KL Communications is a collaborative research agency that delivers impactful insights through superior storytelling. We empower consumers and brands to collaborate and create together, providing your brand and customers with shared experiences that provide inspiration and drive innovation. Our suite of collaborative tools, such as online communities and CrowdWeaving™, enables our clients to better communicate with their consumers to gain the inspiration they need to make more informed decisions.

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