Harpeth Marketing Launches Lead Builder Program™ V2.0 for Lead Generation and Nurturing

PrintFRANKLIN, TN, July 15, 2014 – Harpeth Marketing, a leading provider of outsourced marketing services and consulting to the Market Research industry, announced today the launch of the Lead Builder Program™, V2.0.

The Lead Builder Program™ is a focused, multi-step marketing initiative that takes advantage of Progressive Content™ – to not only attract sales prospects, but to continuously engage with them over time, moving them through the Buying Funnel™ – resulting in well-qualified, receptive sales leads, ready for follow-up.

According to Steve Henke, President of Harpeth Marketing, “In our work with firms across the country, we see two significant business development issues.  First, too many firms spend too much time, energy and resources cold calling for sales prospects. It’s not very productive and even seasoned sales pros hate doing it. Secondly, many firms employ content marketing, but do so in an inconsistent and haphazard way. The Lead Builder Program™ addresses both problems.  It was developed for those firms that need to generate sales leads or reignite old contacts in their CRM… and then nurture and qualify those leads until they are ready for follow-up.”

Henke continued, “Because the program is based on content marketing, it not only generates and nurtures sales leads, it also builds awareness across target markets, effectively positions firms in the marketplace, showcases their knowledge and expertise and ultimately, differentiates them from their competitors.”

To learn more about the Lead Builder Program™ V2.0, go to: www.LeadBuilderProgram.com.

ABOUT HARPETH MARKETING – Harpeth Marketing works exclusively with firms in the Market Research industry to put in place marketing & sales programs and systems that improve outcomes and increase revenues. They do that through a variety of outsourced marketing services and consulting engagements.  To learn more, visit www.HarpethMarketing.com (website), www.GetTheCompetitiveAdvantage.com (blog) or contact Steve Henke, President at (615) 415-3980 or Steve@HarpethMarketing.com

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