Former uSamp India Director launches NextON Services

Former uSamp India Director launches NextON Services – A Research Project Management Company

NextON to bring high-value sampling expertise to add value for research and panel companies

Naim ul Qadar

Naim ul Qadar

New Delhi, India, November 28, 2013: NextON Services Private Limited, a new India-based project management company today announced the commencement of its operations. Founded by former uSamp India directior Mr. Naim ul Qadar, NextON brings the power of high-value sampling expertise to research and panel companies with a unique model that generates value for both sides.

NextON offers customized project management services for all major players in the online research industry. For research companies, NextON offers to add value by saving them precious time and effort in managing sample and dealing with multiple panel vendors along with offering a 24×7 coverage. NextON’s services for panel companies include optimum panel utilization and Project Manager provisioning on a 24×7 basis.

Mr. Naim ul Qadar, founder and CEO of NextON Services said, “There are many inefficiencies in how research companies work with panel companies. While vendor management is often a resource drain for research companies, panel companies on the other hand are often concerned with maximizing the utilization of their panel. NextON brings high-value online sampling expertise and is positioned to fill in the project management gaps, which will help both sides generate additional value from working with each other.”

Mr. Qadar is a veteran of online market research industry with nearly a decade of experience in multiple roles. Prior to founding NextON, Mr. Qadar helped start the India Operations of uSamp in 2009, where he built a strong team of 20 plus project managers. He has also trained many overseas Project Managers.

Trusted partner of research companies

NextON offers customized project management services for research companies across the world that help cut down the valuable time spent in vendor management. By outsourcing project management to NextON, research companies can deploy precious resources more effectively on processes that actually add value to their organization.

As the chosen project manager, NextON will understand the research requirements, float RFQs, collate bids, recommend vendors, and the deal with the selected vendor and monitor the fieldwork on behalf of the research company. The research company will need to deal only with NextON even if a project requires multiple panel partners.

NextON also offers self-serve sampling capabilities for projects with least human intervention. Additionally, NextON promises a round the clock coverage for all projects giving research companies the freedom of launching a project anytime they want.

“We are going to take away the pain of managing fieldwork across multiple panel companies, so that research companies can focus on tasks that actually matter for their business,” Mr. Qadar said.

Targeting the panel companies

NextON has a complementary suite of project management and consultancy services focused on the panel companies that promise to help them extract the maximum value out of their assets. These include provisioning of experienced project managers on a per seat basis and full lifecycle project execution. NextON can also help panel companies provide 24×7 coverage around the world without having to commit any internal resources.

The scope of NextON’s services extends to optimum panel utilization and vendor management on behalf of the panel companies. “With increase in demand of sample from multiple time-zones, it is critical for panel companies to be available round-the-clock. We help them go global and be available 24×7 for their clients, and our strong capabilities help companies reduce their panel burn and enhance the panelist experience,” Mr. Qadar added.

About NextON Services Private Limited

Founded in 2013, NextON Services Private Limited unlocks value for research companies and panel companies with strong project management and consultancy capabilities. NextON is headquartered in India and works with clients across the world.

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