First-ever Agile Movie Trailer Test Launched for Hispanic Market

ThinkNow_LogoFebruary 2, 2015, Burbank, CA – ThinkNow Research, one of the industry’s leading Hispanic market research firms, announced today the launch of MovieLink™, the first agile movie trailer test for the Hispanic Community, developed in response to the growing Hispanic movie-going population. According to a study published by the Motion Picture Association of America, Hispanics purchase 25% of the movie tickets sold in the U.S., though they account for just 17% of the population.

Mario Carrasco

Mario Carrasco

“We are excited to announce our agile Hispanic movie trailer testing as an extension of our ThinkNow Link™ copy testing product,” explains managing partner, Mario Xavier Carrasco. “We have experienced a surge of requests from the major movie studios to develop a product that gave a nationally representative read of U.S. Hispanics inclusive of Spanish-dominant Hispanics in a short time frame. Being located in Burbank, CA has allowed us to meet with the major movie studios and develop a product targeted specifically to their needs”.

To deliver on this service, ThinkNow Research has adjusted their typical turn-around time to accommodate the fast-pace nature of the movie industry​…​ providing the ability to receive a theatrical trailer on a Friday and deliver a topline report back to the client ​the following Monday.  This unique offering includes both Spanish-dominant Hispanics and bilingual Hispanics drawn from the proprietary online Hispanic panel,

To learn more about ThinkNow Research’s MovieLink™, go to or contact their Business Development Manager, Greg DeLacy, at 818-843-0220 or

ABOUT THINKNOW RESEARCH – ThinkNow Research is full-service market research firm that focuses on U.S. Hispanic, Latin American and Multicultural research. In addition to a full range of research services, the company also has one of the largest online research panels available in the industry, conducts a monthly Hispanic Omnibus survey and works with their clients to create customized online Hispanic communities. To learn more about ThinkNow Research, visit or email them at

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