eCGlobal Solutions announces partnership with HSR Specialist Researchers

eCGlobal Solutions announces partnership with HSR Specialist Researchers to boost Online Research in Brazil

ecglobalsolutionsThe solutions provider will be the exclusive online research supplier to HSR group

HSR Specialist Researchers, the largest independent Market Research group in Brazil, and eCGlobal Solutions, a provider of technology solutions, online panels and communities for market research, today announced an unprecedented partnership for research in Brazil.

From now on, all research projects involving online surveys with HSR will use eCGlobal’s platforms and panels, with over one million registered Latin American users throughout the region – and 500,000 of them in Brazil.

“The combination of eCGlobal’s online panels and digital technologies with the knowledge of our experts in market research, reflects exactly the market needs” – says Rodrigo Lucindo, CEO of HSR. “Big projects in Brazil are being migrated from other research methodologies (such as face-to-face and telephone) to online. eCGlobal’s team, with 13 years experience in online research in Latin America, combined with its innovative and robust tools provides the confidence that the market is looking to conduct online surveys with quality, speed and reliability.

What used to be done in months can be currently be done in weeks or even days.” Explains Adriana Rocha, eCGlobal CEO.

About eCGlobal Solutions

eCGlobal Solutions creates panels, online communities, and innovative technology solutions for market research.

Known for its pioneering and extensive experience in digital research in Latin America,  eCGlobal has emerged as a leader in the industry and works with research institutes and end clients in various regions of the world. With offices in the United States, Brazil and Mexico, eCGlobal has an online panel of more than one million internet users, segmented by more than 100 variables in several categories, and utilizes proprietary technology platforms for management and quality of market research projects. |

About HSR Specialist Researchers

Founded in early 2013 by Paul Secches, HSR is the largest independent market research firm in Brazil and the fifth largest holding research on demand (ad hoc) of the country.

The company, together under one umbrella, has a group of senior-level professionals in market research with extensive experience in different specialties. The production of knowledge is one of the main values ​​of HSR along with emotion as a key driver of human behavior, strategic thinking, innovation and total commitment to the customer. These values are shared by experts and controlling partners who run the business. HSR has structure itself to perform any kind of survey, data processing, and integrated market research.

HSR is composed of nine companies, each with a different expertise

Paul Secches – Officina Sophia Applied Knowledge;

Trinity Renato Lopes – Bridge Research;

Naira Maneo – Hearts Minds;

Valerie Rodrigues – Officina Retail Sophia;

Stella Kochen Susskind – Shopper Experience;

Lucas Pestalozzi – Blend New Research;

Karina Milare – Reds – Designed for Research Strategy;

Wilson Molinari – Automotive Route and

Alejandro Ivanovic – Optima Operations Research.

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