Ebony Marketing Systems Expands Its Offerings With New Online Panels

Online MR NewsJuly, 10, 2012, New York, NY – Due to significant growth in the online space, Ebony Marketing Systems is pleased to announce the addition of several new online products and services, as well as, a slight adjustment in management structure. The company, Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc. will be divided into three divisions; The Data Collection Division, The Full Service Division and The Online/Panel Division. Our Data Collection Division will continue our long standing tradition of providing data collection services in any language and in any location and utilize methodologies ranging from the traditional to the technological.

Our Full Service Division will provide our clients with full service qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as, multicultural consulting, branding, positioning, and various other marketing solutions.

Our Online/Panel Division will take advantage of cutting edge qualitative and quantitative online services (such as video focus groups, video IDI’s and mobile device research), as well as, manage our new pre-screened low incidence panels which include; The African American Panel, The Hispanic Panel, The Asian Panel, The Islamic/Muslim Panel and our Faith Based Panel.

Additionally, we also have the Pregnant Panel, The New Birth Panel, The Newly Engaged Panel, The New Homebuyers Panel and the New Business Panel.

These panels, uniquely created by EMS, will provide our clients with the ability to quickly delve into multiple cultures and demographics with an ease and efficiency never before possible.

About Ebony Marketing Systems

Ebony Marketing Systems, Inc.(EMS) has been specializing in ethnic and multicultural marketing research and consulting for over 25 years. EMS is and has been the “go to” company for solving and executing market research in any language, from Mandarin to Farsi, and in any location from Harlem to Beverly Hills.

Our highly trained staff of interviewers, moderators, project directors and analysts are all trained multiculturalists and are second to none.

EMS has the reach, the range and the rapport to execute both qualitative and quantitative projects and put you in touch with your market no matter where that may be.

Moving from paper and pencil to online and mobile devices has been a natural progression for the company which provides our clients with cutting edge solutions for difficult to solve marketing problems.

In addition to working on many government projects, EMS has served private sector clients such as; Met Life, McDonalds, Health First, Lopez Negrete, Wal Mart and Verizon.

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