Dennis Publishing builds Auto Express panel using Cint’s OpinionHUB platform technology

onlinemrnews25th February 2014, London, UK: Cint, the global provider of technology for obtaining insight, has announced a new partnership with Dennis Publishing, increasing access to the opinions of thousands of car owners who are members of its Auto Express panel.

The Auto Express panel, managed and hosted using Cint’s panel management platform, currently comprises over 9,000 UK car owners.  Growing at a rapid rate, it is forecast to increase to 20,000 members in 21014. The introduction of this panel means that market research professionals, marketers and brands are able to establish the opinions and thoughts of this important audience simply and effectively using Cint’s technology. Obtaining insight from them will help brands to be better informed and able to improve a variety of elements of their business activity, from new product development to forming a marketing strategy. 

Those wishing to engage with the Auto Express panel members can ascertain specific customer profile information on them including purchasing choices regarding car makes and models, insurance providers and breakdown cover alongside favoured brands and opinions on automotive marketing.

Seema Hope, Research Director at Dennis Publishing, comments: “Setting up a motoring reader panel in conjunction with Cint is a great way of developing a closer relationship with our readers, tracking their car purchasing behaviour over time and will provide us with some rich data for our editorial and commercial teams as well as our clients. We are committed to building this panel using our successful annual Driver Power survey which regularly attracts over 40,000 car owner reviews and ratings. Motorists will also continue to be recruited via our other channels to build a robust, detailed and valuable resource.”

Stephen Hughes, UK managing director, Cint, adds: “Many organisations, such as insurance providers, car manufactures and dealerships will regularly require insight into their core audience, but this can often be a challenging process. With this new Auto Express panel we are thrilled to offer brands and MR agencies the opportunity to tap into the preferences and habits of this group, who have actively opted in to proffer their opinion. Through our open platform, OpinionHUB, researchers can connect directly with these individuals, deploying a survey to a highly targeted demographic within minutes online, and being satisfied with the quality and authenticity of the responses.”

Cint’s ground-breaking technology allows brands easy access to the opinions of over 10 million people in 57 different countries. Cint specialises in DIY research, whereby an online survey can be deployed in just a few minutes to individuals that match their exact targeting criteria. In the first half of 2013 alone, Cint signed-up over one million new opted-in panellists to its OpinionHUB exchange platform. Crucially, all these individuals have been authentically verified to ensure they are engaged and proactive respondents, demonstrating Cint’s commitment to the quality of its panels, as set out in the ISO 20252 international standard of market research.

About Cint

Cint empowers access to opinions by innovating the way market insight is gathered. Reach over 10 million people in 57 countries, all recruited through 500 different panel owners like publishers, local media outlets, market research agencies and non-profits. Cint’s exchange platform OpinionHUB, the fully transparent insight marketplace, brings together questions and answers from all around the world.

Cint is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices in major cities across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

About Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing is one of the world’s fastest-growing independently owned media companies The business is today responsible for publishing over 50 magazines (digital and print), websites, apps and mobile sites including The Week, Auto Express, Men’s Fitness, evo, PC Pro, Cyclist and Viz. Group turnover exceeds £100 million a year, excluding subsidiary companies.

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