DAS-Technologies releases “Easiest Survey Ever” (ESE) Software

onlinemrnewsPhiladelphia, PA – DAS-Technologies, LLC has released what may be the easiest and most advanced survey creation software yet. “Easiest Survey Ever” (ESE) allows users to create surveys easily and quickly for use in customer and marketing research.

In an effort to make ESE available to as many users as possible, DAS-Technologies recently introduced their new SaaS (software as a service) website. There users can build both simple and complex surveys for immediate use.

“There is a lot of survey software already available. I think that we have built a better mouse trap,” said Terry Smith, ESE creator. ESE is easy to use and doesn’t require a programmer.

Surveys can be written very quickly and the ESE software costs a fraction of the price of Confirmit software which has been in wide use for years.

“Companies are rapidly discovering ESE is a far more cost effective and user friendly way to create on the fly just about any kind of survey they need,” Smith said.

While ESE can be used by any industry, many of the features built into the software are tailored to the market research sector. Market research has grown significantly in recent years as businesses and organizations have worked to reach greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Survey creation software like ESE allows firms to gain detailed insights into customer needs, perceptions, and behaviors. This can often be the most direct and rewarding path to better products and improved sales.

EasiestSurveyEver.com lets users design their survey using a few simple choices, then monitor survey responses including completed responses, number of incomplete surveys, and generation of a custom report, among others.

Right now users are granted a 30 day trial to try ESE free. Later pricing is based on the number of responses received. “Many firms find they can use ESE, which we designed to be the best survey software on the market, for just $75 per month. That’s a major savings over what they’ve probably been paying,” Smith said.

Smith designed ESE after becoming frustrated using other leading survey software. The result is an easier to use, intuitive design that can be used at very low cost.

Contact: Terry Smith


DAS-Technologies, LLC

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Wayne, PA 19087

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