Cint Launches Cint Optimizer To Maximise Revenue Opportunities for Panel Partners

onlinemrnewsSTOCKHOLM, Sweden, 23 October 2013: Cint, the global provider of technology for access to market insight has launched Cint Optimizer, an integrated router that enables its partners to maximise revenue opportunities.

Cint’s technology connects and empowers buyers, such as market researchers and brand managers, with suppliers, including publishers, market research agencies and panel owners, to source research sample through its OpinionHUB platform. OpinionHUB, which offers access to 10 million panellists in 57 different countries now has significantly enhanced reach with the integration of Cint Optimizer.

Cint Optimizer addresses inefficiencies in first generation stand-alone router systems, which can often result in poor panellist experience, higher panellist churn and diminishing returns to panel owners.  Cint Optimizer increases panel reach and efficiency.  Benefits include:

  • Increased permission-based profiling depth by storing routing qualification data in a panel member’s profile.  This results in the ability to better target surveys to panel members;
  • A superior optimization and routing experience for panel members;  Cint Optimizer leverages existing panel member profile information when matching a panelist to a survey, minimizing the number of qualifying questions and the time in the optimization and routing process;
  • Keeping panel members incentivized, happy and continuing to take surveys.

For panel owners this means maximized revenue through increased survey opportunities for panellists.  For buyers it provides a higher return on their panel purchases, ensuring significant cost savings.

Stefan Hök, SVP of Products explains: “With Cint Optimizer, panel members will be offered the opportunity to respond to alternative matching surveys in return for appropriate incentives. Our technology keeps the time in the optimization and routing process to a minimum and communicates the length of any matched survey and the promised incentive before the survey begins. This ensures that the panellist remains engaged, continues to feel valued and is more likely to participate in future surveys.  Of all panel members offered to take another survey, nine out of 10 choose to do so.”

Information collected from each panel member is recorded, so Cint can provide its buyers with the most up-to-date and thorough demographic information on all panellists, so that those panellists can be targeted to the most relevant surveys in the future.

Stefan Hök concludes: “Many panellists express negative sentiments when they do not qualify for a survey to which they are invited, as they will not be paid for their time, making them less inclined to respond in the future. With Cint Optimizer not only will that panellist be offered a reward for completing an alternative survey, information obtained during the optimization and routing process will be stored, increasing the likelihood of more survey qualifications in future.  Panel partners will no doubt see an increased revenue stream from Cint Optimizer as their members become more engaged and enthused.  Market research professionals and other buyers can be confident that their surveys are being answered by engaged, accurately targeted panellists with deeper profiles.”

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About Cint

Cint empowers access to opinions by innovating the way market insight is gathered. Reach over 10 million people in 57 countries, all recruited through more than 700 different panel owners like publishers, local media outlets, market research agencies and non-profits. Cint’s exchange platform OpinionHUB, the fully transparent insight marketplace, brings together questions and answers from all around the world.

Cint is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices in major cities across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

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