The Secret of maximizing your efforts in an ESOMAR Conference!!

Do you remember your first ESOMAR Conference!! – The first one is always MAGICAL!! – There is a flurry of activities – creating marketing material – ordering for more business cards – pushing the admin for timely hotel booking – GOSH! Time always seems to fly. You are always looking forward to ESOMAR Conferences as […]

5 Business Lessons that Online Panel Companies can LEARN from Jackie Chan!!

If you are an ASIAN and the name ‘Jackie Chan’ doesn’t ring a bell – you have no right to be called an ASIAN!!! Although it is a bit extreme to say so – but the fact still remains that Jackie Chan is one of the most ICONIC figures in Asia. Many of us have […]

TOP 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Online Panel Industry!!

There are good companies and then there are GREAT companies – Today we will celebrate “GREATNESS”. It is the dream of every entrepreneur to build a company which is VALUABLE. The questions then arises as to what makes a company valuable? I strongly believe it is the RIGHT MIX of Honesty + Dedication + Vision […]

Why Owners of Online Panel Companies MUST watch the movie ‘The Hunger Games’!!

Yesterday I watched the movie “The Hunger Games” and to put it in few words I was simply BLOWN AWAY!! It is after so many years that I have seen a movie which is not only entertaining but also have deep philosophical undertones. Watching the movie I realized how relevant it is for all business […]

Panel Aggregation: The DARK side of the online panel business!!

In recent times I have seen mushrooming of the ‘GLOBAL PANEL COMPANIES’ which are nothing more than 2-3 person team with a shabbily accumulated vendor list and no credential to boast about. With changing times it becomes imperative to understand what really panel aggregation is and how some of these vendors are RUINING your research […]

Top 5 Online Panel Companies in Asia You Should Buy Samples From

I was having discussions with some of my acquaintances in the market research domain and the question popped up – Is there any list of good online panel companies researchers can refer to? It got me thinking!! Having been in the panel industry for quite some time why not with my experiences create a list […]

Secrets of building an online panel company – PART 2

This is a series which I have started to help budding entrepreneurs interested in building their own panel company. In the second part of the series I thought of looking at the challenges an entrepreneur faces in opening an online panel business. The current article illustrates 5 BIGGEST CHALLENGES that you must be fully aware […]

How Panel Industry is changing the way we understand consumers?

Quite often I have heard soothsayers warning against the “credibility of online panels!!” – 3 words for them – EVOLVE OR DIE. The entire world is steadily moving towards digital medium – LOOK AROUND – the digital world has made such deep inroads into our lives that even the basic human need of friendship is […]

5 Tips for Writing Translation Friendly Surveys by Brenna Mulvaney

Are your surveys ready to be globalized? As the world becomes more flat, make sure you are following these cost-efficient procedures before sending your survey to a translator or languages services provider (LSP).

Secrets of building an online panel company – PART 1

This is a series which I have started to help budding entrepreneurs interested in building their own panel company. Like all businesses – Panel Business needs a thorough preparation before jumping into the fray. The current article illustrates the basic evaluation parameters to create an effective BUSINESS PLAN. It is not easy to open a […]