Are We Asking Too Many Questions From The Respondents?

I have tried for long to come up with a fool proof method to decide as to how many questions I should keep in the questionnaire. Well the search is still on – I have been advised various methods to go about it but the bottom line is – that in most cases at the […]

Top 8 sentences used MOST frequently by FAKE Online Panel Companies

Ctrl C + Ctrl V -> the most commonly used technology by plagiarizers. Often while searching the internet and looking to enhance my knowledge about online panel industry I come across so many dubious and fake panel suppliers. It is very easy to identify such fake suppliers as with all criminals they follow similar modus […]

How the GRINCH stole MY DATA!

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a BRAND that was lost in the jungle called ‘THE MARKET’ – it went to the wizard called the ‘RESEARCHER’ to find his way back home. The wizard opened the MAP of the city and showed the brand where is the right path but […]

How to create AWESOME landing pages for panel recruitment?

Many of the panel recruiters and companies I had an opportunity to discuss told about a unique problem they face – people click on their banner ads (which in most cases were pretty decent) but then don’t end up filling the recruitment questionnaire!! Imagine the plight of the ad network that is directing traffic to […]

Incentivize….DON’T Bribe Panel respondents!

Getting HOLD of those cheaters!! Billion dollar decisions rest on the insights provided by market research companies. There is no room for error!! – imagine a clever college going kid giving opinions about a critical medical equipment…Blasphemy!!!. The panel incentives should motivate and not instigate respondents to state their opinions. After all your research is […]