Lessons from Yahoo Inc.

The recent memo issued by Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer, bans its employees from working from home making it mandatory to report physically to office by June this year and if they cannot, then they better resign. Not only many Yahoo employees are hurt by this policy, worldwide, people are guessing reactions of other technology […]

Collaborative Workspaces: Will Email Survive the Race?

Email has increasingly become an ineffective tool for team collaboration as teams are gradually finding an alternative to the email dilemma in the form of collaborative workspaces. Email technology has long been used by organisations with the key purpose of enhancing employee productivity and information management across various levels. While very powerful, email is not […]

Are comments on Facebook the same as advertising?

Compulsory social media monitoring could be moving one step closer. If you were to comment on a brand’s Facebook page would that constitute advertising? Well, according to a new ruling made by Australia’s Advertising Standards Board few weeks back – it does. And this could have huge implications in the way big brands use social […]

Benefits of Online Research for Start-Ups

Knowing your market and the competition is always a great advantage, especially, for a start-up company, which has no idea of how the market would respond to its services and products. Online research can become a viable technique to generate valuable market insights during the initial phase of launching a start-up in the marketplace. There is […]

How Strong Is Your Brand’s Digital Influence At The “Zero Moment Of Truth”?

To remain competitive, retailers are striving to offer their customers a far better multi-channel shopping experience.Customers want to be able to complement their traditional bricks-and-mortar retail shopping, with using websites and also buying direct. They want the flexibility to order at home, at work or on the move via laptop, phone, mobile or smartphone. To […]

Merging Mobile with Market Research: A Portable Potential

I recently visited a small village in the interiors of India, and to my surprise there was no dearth of mobile phones. What clicked my mind instantly was, could we not harness this potential as market researchers? Many MNCs venturing into Indian and other developing markets could use mobile users’ base as a target audience […]

Where Is Your Social Media Research Department?

Most organisations place great focus on putting their customers first and take every opportunity to remind anyone who will listen, how important their customers are. In doing so, corporate and brand communications used to be a one-way street – companies talked and customers (often) listened. Now of course the new media landscape means brands need to […]

Fake Friends Not Good for Survey Panel Either!

Working with a quality market research panel and experienced sampling team, like The Sample Network, is essential to gain an edge over the competition and grow business with current and potential customers. ‘Refer-a-Friend’ programs are an often employed strategy to recruit new community members or to generate respondents for both quantitative and qualitative studies. Tapping into […]

Don’t Show Me the Money, Just Give Me Some Time.

Most Americans are overloaded with ‘things to do,’ jumping from one task to the next. As if today’s over-booked family and work schedules are not frenetic enough, popular culture seems to support the fast pace with constant emailing, fast food drive-thrus, sound bites and text messaging and more. No wonder our heads are spinning and […]

Secrets of Blogging – Business Owners Speak Out!!

Market Research firms often relegate marketing themselves to a second or third (sometimes lower) priority. However, in today’s market place you must be found and be able to articulate your unique value position. One tool is blogging. Here are a few best practices for writing and promoting your business blog taken from suggestions business owners and […]