Why most online panel companies will close by 2015?

Every morning when I check my LinkedIn profile I happen to see a new panel company POPPING UP! I should have been HAPPY to see people jumping onto the ENTREPRENEUR BANDWAGON but ALAS! When I see the profile of these YOUNG TURKS I have serious doubts. In my beloved country – India, the problem of […]

Why YOU would NEVER EVER become a CEO???

5 reasons that you won’t make it!! I am yet to find a single soul who doesn’t wants to succeed in life – but strangely why is it that successful people are in a minority where as the general populace languish in obscurity. Innumerable SELF-HELP books are written claiming to provide you the KEY to […]

BOSS is not always WRONG!!!!

Better understanding of a sensitive association: You might find the title very amusing and repulsive as understandably one person who makes Monday the grimiest day of the week is your BOSS. Many jokes, anecdotes and fables are concocted around this sensitive relationship between you and your Boss. On an average a person spends more time […]

How to KILL a company??

Intriguing as it may sound the reality is not too far fetched – Entrepreneurs even with best of intentions inadvertently suffocate the business with short sightedness resulting in a failed initiative. Business plan never fails! But implementation does!! – goes the common adage. The article elaborates 10 COMMON MISTAKES which management does while building/running organizations.