The Secret of maximizing your efforts in an ESOMAR Conference!!

Do you remember your first ESOMAR Conference!! – The first one is always MAGICAL!! – There is a flurry of activities – creating marketing material – ordering for more business cards – pushing the admin for timely hotel booking – GOSH! Time always seems to fly. You are always looking forward to ESOMAR Conferences as […]

Top 5 Reasons why you should NOT Open an Online Panel Company!!

Yes you read it correctly – you should not open an online panel company – BUT WHY!! – If you are thinking of investing USD 300-500 on a website and start aggregating – STOP reading this article. For others I will share with you the pitfalls of entering this industry. Not everyone have the will […]

Secret of writing an AWESOME Introduction Mail for your Potential Client!!

Mass Mailing is DEAD!! It has been replaced by Customized Mailing – every mail tailored to cater to the needs of a specific client. Alas! – The introduction mails floating around in the Online Panel Industry today are plain BORING!! – The intro mails have become so repetitive in format that it is difficult to […]

Introducing ‘Common Sense Marketing’ for Online Panel Companies!!

‘We have just won a large online panel project…’ goes the status update of an online panel company. My first reaction after reading it was – ‘so should I be happy for you?’ No matter how much I try to look at the positive side but such messages speaks of DESPERATION to get attention. It […]

Now Online Panel Companies can DOUBLE their RFP Conversion RATE!!

One of the BIGGEST challenge a client servicing manger faces on a daily basis – How to convert more RFP’s into WON projects! Although in this price driven market even few cents can make the difference. Winning a survey project is dependent on various Controllable & Non-controllable factors. A client servicing manager should fully understand […]

Now Online Panel Companies can DOUBLE their profit margins!!!

Today I am going to share with you the BIGGEST SECRET of making loads of money!! It is not a ‘quick get rich scheme’ which you often encounter in your mailbox. After having sold online panels in the market for some time I chanced upon the ‘secret sauce’ of becoming a SALES SUPERSTAR. Now instead […]

8 key factors in making an Online Market Research Team a success in Southeast Asia!

Author: Junichiro Waide   (CEO at Research Panel Asia Philippines Inc.) With the remarkable developments in Asia, local and international investors have continuously set its eye on the region. In particular, Southeast Asia has shown the world immense development in the past few years. I am witnessing it first hand with our daily operations in the […]

5 Business Lessons that Online Panel Companies can LEARN from Jackie Chan!!

If you are an ASIAN and the name ‘Jackie Chan’ doesn’t ring a bell – you have no right to be called an ASIAN!!! Although it is a bit extreme to say so – but the fact still remains that Jackie Chan is one of the most ICONIC figures in Asia. Many of us have […]

TOP 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Online Panel Industry!!

There are good companies and then there are GREAT companies – Today we will celebrate “GREATNESS”. It is the dream of every entrepreneur to build a company which is VALUABLE. The questions then arises as to what makes a company valuable? I strongly believe it is the RIGHT MIX of Honesty + Dedication + Vision […]

7 STUPID Marketing Gimmicks that Online Panel Companies should AVOID!!

Social Media has given business owners a free platform to blow their horns. What inadvertently they end up doing is – making a laughing stock of their company’s reputation. The trend takes all the more dangerous proportions if there is a fake online panel company involved – as they haven’t got enough money to spend […]