8 Social Media trends Researchers SHOULD know about

As a market researcher are you missing the BIG picture? Today social media platforms have reached at a stage where it is impossible for any market researcher to ignore them in terms of enormous amount of consumer insights they can provide. Where traditional researchers can ignore the topic by stating that ‘social media is just […]

Do we really NEED Market Researchers?

Is it a question, statement or an argument? Well I guess it is a bit of all here. From the past few days it has been a recurring thought in my mind – the growing redundancy of Market Researchers. Now what do I mean by it all? Let me quickly come to the point and rephrase […]

Why ONLY content marketing can SAVE your Online Panel Company!

Before I jump onto explaining why your online panel company needs a rock solid content marketing strategy – let me first shed some light on what exactly is content marketing. It is a broad term to encompass all marketing activities that involves creation and sharing of content – the purpose is to attract, engage and […]

The MOST Embarrassing mistake I made as a Salesman and how YOU can avoid it!!

I am really nervous today. It is not easy to publicly admit your mistake – what if I scare away a potential client or a recruiter?- But I realized that if my experiences can help even one person out there reading my blog – it is worth the effort! Do I regret having made this […]

Are you a SMART Online Panel Company Owner?

Smart is not Stupid – there is a HUGE difference between the two – it is all in the APPROACH! You might be running an Online Panel Company small/mid size – agreed that there are issues – you are tackling them well – but deep down in your heart – something is missing – you […]

100 WORDS that will make you a Market Research SUPERSTAR!!

Yes just 100 words to do that – JUST ‘Love your Respondent’ – that is all required to be an AWESOME Market Researcher – Don’t listen to what your client is asking for (most of the time they are confused) – Don’t listen to what your Boss or peers say (they are average people living […]

The SECRET your Boss do not want YOU to KNOW!!

“You really need to focus more” – “Your performance this quarter is really worrying” – “The management is not happy with the team output” – if you heard this $#@%^ before – Welcome to the life of an average employee!! Today I am writing this post – on MONDAY – the day we all dread! […]

10 Business Blogs in the Survey Research Industry you should be following!!

Content is King!! – If you are doing business in the 21st century then you fully understand the importance of content. Old school methods of marketing are long dead or are inching towards the inevitable. No longer is needed huge bunch of marketing cash to connect with your customers – Being Smart is enough for […]

How to keep your customers coming back to your web site!!

Any business that has gone to the trouble and expense of establishing a web presence are entitled to expect a return on their investment. In order to earn their returns, the website has to be capable of continuously capturing the attention of customers, either potential or existing, so that they will file themselves a mental […]

Online research trend among car buyers

When deciding to buy a car, almost every one of us faces a cliff-hanger question – which car to buy? It’s equally daunting for first time as well as old-time buyers. Researches have found out that most common factors that influence a car-buyer’s decision are: