Top 5 Reasons why you should NOT Open an Online Panel Company!!

Yes you read it correctly – you should not open an online panel company – BUT WHY!! – If you are thinking of investing USD 300-500 on a website and start aggregating – STOP reading this article. For others I will share with you the pitfalls of entering this industry. Not everyone have the will […]

Why YOU should be SCEPTICAL of companies selling Healthcare Access Panel in Asia?

And my first argument is WHY SHOULD NOT YOU be sceptical!! If you have even the slightest idea of healthcare industry in Asia – you would realize that it is an almost impenetrable audience via online medium. Contrary to their western counterparts – Healthcare specialists are NOT internet savvy in Asia. They come from old […]

Is Panel Aggregation just an elaborate Ponzi scheme?

Today we are amidst a heated debate of proprietary panel v/s. panel aggregation – the lines have been drawn – the sides have been taken – the weapons sharpened – only if you have been living under a rock you would be unaware of the turmoil faced by the online panel industry. Someone has rightly […]

Top 8 sentences used MOST frequently by FAKE Online Panel Companies

Ctrl C + Ctrl V -> the most commonly used technology by plagiarizers. Often while searching the internet and looking to enhance my knowledge about online panel industry I come across so many dubious and fake panel suppliers. It is very easy to identify such fake suppliers as with all criminals they follow similar modus […]

How to write a Business Plan for opening an Online Panel Company?

Most of the online panel companies opening up in recent times are AIMLESS!! They have no idea where they are going and how to overcome the challenges in their path. Before embarking upon your entrepreneurial journey you must create an effective business plan. A plan helps you in understanding the ‘TO DO’ action items in […]

5 QUICK ways to SPOT a FAKE Online Panel Company!!

Last week I chanced upon the DVD for the Hollywood movie “Catch me if you can” – although impressed by the theatrics of the protagonist it struck me as to how innovative thieves have become. No matter how many new tamper-proof technologies you introduce the thieves are one step ahead. One of the BIGGEST head […]

TOP 5 Survey Programming Tools you should know about!!

Today there are so many choices available in the market to choose from vis-à-vis survey programming tools that a buyer would get confused by the sheer enormity of it. Questionnaire designing is a very critical part of your research survey and a wrong choice would jeopardize your efforts. I have compiled a short list of […]

Panel Aggregation: The DARK side of the online panel business!!

In recent times I have seen mushrooming of the ‘GLOBAL PANEL COMPANIES’ which are nothing more than 2-3 person team with a shabbily accumulated vendor list and no credential to boast about. With changing times it becomes imperative to understand what really panel aggregation is and how some of these vendors are RUINING your research […]

Interview with Matthias Pleyer from MVF Global!

Brief background of Matthias Pleyer: Matthias is a multi-lingual marketing specialist with particular interest in the German & English speaking markets. His educational background is in Media, Communication & Literature undertaken at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and University of Vienna (Austria). After experience as Media Planner in Vienna, he has moved to London, where […]

How to create AWESOME landing pages for panel recruitment?

Many of the panel recruiters and companies I had an opportunity to discuss told about a unique problem they face – people click on their banner ads (which in most cases were pretty decent) but then don’t end up filling the recruitment questionnaire!! Imagine the plight of the ad network that is directing traffic to […]