Use the Holiday Period to Conduct a Survey

celebrationtimeTis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Indeed it is the season to be jolly. People get to take time from work and everyone seems to be in a better frame of mind and friendlier than usual as they look forward to time spent with loved ones and embarking on the new year ahead. This is why the holiday period is an excellent time to conduct a survey.

A Time for Giving

Let’s face it, when someone agrees to participate in a survey; unless you are providing them with some sort of incentive such as a gift voucher or similar such trinket, they are doing you a favor. Out of the kindness of their heart, they are using their valuable time to participate in a survey which predominantly benefits you and your business. Consequently, it is logical that the best time to approach people for a survey is when they are in a good mood and in the frame of mood for giving of their time and their thoughts. And what better time could there be than the holiday period for people to be in that frame of mind?

A Time for Shopping

What is the holiday period without shopping? The sales, the desire to bestow gifts on others, and even the desire to reward yourself for another year of hard work are the only excuses you need to pull out the plastic. People are out in force in shopping malls just waiting to grant you a few minutes of their time so that you can integrate their thoughts to your business strategy. Well, that’s not really their motivation, but you get the idea.

A Time for Taking it to the Street

It goes without saying that your surveys will be conducted using a mobile survey app. Therefore, the enormous number of people in the shopping centers are the perfect source for conducting your survey. It is not enough to simply plan the survey correctly, it must be executed properly. This means that you have to strike whilst the proverbial iron is hot. The vast number of shoppers raises the probability of you quickly filling your survey quota meaning that you can quickly integrate the survey data into your plans for the New Year.

No Time to Rest

It may be annoying that everyone else is seemingly on holiday yet you have to work; however the holiday period is the perfect time for conducting a survey. Remember, a quick survey is a good survey. This not only refers to the length of the survey but also to the time it takes to fill the survey quota.

If you are in business today, there is no real down time. Conducting a survey may reduce your own holiday time but it will free up plenty more time given the time saved in conducting the survey.

Happy holidays!

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