Using Mobile Market Research to Your Advantage

are you mobile enoughAround 85% of the world’s population has access to mobile phones, bringing the number of mobile subscribers in 2013 to a staggering 6.8 billion. (MobiThinking) With such a huge global mobile market, and the amount of smartphone users increasing rapidly, it should come as no surprise that market research in this area is more important than ever.

As market researchers you know that the mobile market is important to tap into, but how do you use it your advantage? Here are three ways that mobile market research should make your job a little easier.

Mobile market research should be utilized in any campaign

Mobile market research should be utilized in any campaign

1. Crazy short response time.
Marketers have found that the response time through sms on mobile devices is 8 times faster than that of e-mail. (Mobile Commerce Daily) With this kind of response time, marketers can get information from consumers faster than ever. Real time marketing is the future, and the mobile market is leading the way.

Through the short response time marketers can learn more about consumers than they ever could through e-mail marketing.

This means more information, quicker research and faster results.

Faster response time can translate to quicker analysis.

Faster response time can translate to quicker analysis.

2. Better analytics through the mobile market.
The mobile market offers market researchers an unlimited array of research possibilities.

From mobile apps to mobile games to enhanced e-mail marketing tactics, mobile market research is no longer just an extra on a market research campaign. Big data is offering market researchers an even bigger opportunity, taking information such as GPS tracking and turning it into real-time data on an enormous scale.

Market researchers need to ensure that they have optimized their e-mail marketing campaigns for smaller mobile screens, and that the message is both dynamic and visually appealing to the consumer.

This will increase response and click through rate, and provide a clearer picture of the consumer’s behavior pattern.

The mobile market is the future

The mobile market is the future

3. Tap into undeveloped markets.
Many people living in undeveloped nations don’t have access to desktop or laptop computers on a daily basis, but the majority do have mobile phones. For the first time ever market researchers have a way to tap into these markets and discover new pools of consumers in places that was once not possible.

South Africa, for example, has more smart phone users than the United States, offering a world of opportunity to discover the buying habits of this region.

There are huge advantages for market researchers who are willing to branch out and really move forward with mobile market research on an international scale.

The mobile market is paving the way to an instant form of market research that tells marketers more information than they ever had before.

While many market researchers still don’t consider themselves entirely competent in this field, there has never been a better time to get on board.

Using data integration tools to manage both big data and the different markets in your research, you can easily turn the information into versatile and very useable statistics.

Mobile market research is integral for anyone doing research in today’s world, take advantage of the opportunity to see consumers in a whole new light.

Jessica Galbraith is a freelance writer and author of the blog The Fly Away American.

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  1. Very true and that’s why we at VoxApp ( have created a mobile research platform considering smart/feature phone devices used specifically in developing countries.