How To Use Social Media For Market Research?

connect with your customerSocial media is for more than just interacting with friends and family members. When your business has a page on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, you can use these pages to conduct effective market research. Finding out exactly what present and potential customers need and want in a company will help you better organize your promotional efforts and provide your customers with stellar customer service. Here are the social media market research methods that have been proven to be most effective. 

Keyword Searches

Searching for words related to the latest trends in marketing and product placement on social media websites will let you know how popular a particular idea is.

For instance, you can search terms like “company contests” on Facebook to see how many businesses are having contests to attract new consumers and retain current clients. If you see that a trend is getting lots of feedback, it might be worth giving the tactic a try for your business.

For instance, create a trivia question once a week and send an online gift card or coupon to the first customer who gets the answer correct. Or post trivia questions once a month and feature a picture of the winning customer on your social media page.

You could also send the customer a gift bag filled with items that feature your brand name, like t-shirts, mugs or water bottles.

Online Polls and Questions

Conducting a poll online or asking customers direct questions about your products and services can also serve as an effective market research tool.

pollsFor instance, if you run an online bakery and have recently introduced a new cupcake to your inventory, take a poll a month or so after the product release to ask customers if they’ve tried the cupcake and how they like the dessert. This will let you know if you need to incorporate more marketing efforts to inform potential customers about the product.

The poll results will also reveal whether people think the cupcake is original enough or has enough flavor to stand out from the products offered at competing retail establishments.

Asking your customers direct questions will also provide you with the answers you need to effectively promote your company.

For instance, if you run an accounting firm, ask your clients which financial organization products they’d like to see added to your selection of services.

You can also ask clients which aspects of accounting they’d like to understand more, so that your company can have a more relatable reputation.

Images and Videos

Create short videos promoting your company, or post high-definition photos to show your social media followers new developments within your company.

A promotional video showing a few of your employees modeling a new pair of shoes or jewelry pieces that are featured at your clothing store could attract customers and prompt them to comment on the video to get more information on the products.

Or, you could post a photo of a new dress that is perfect for the fall season and enable comments so that followers can post their comments on it and ask for information about how to order the dress online.

Your videos and pictures should also feature your company itself and if possible the images should depict ways your business is engaged in community service efforts or ethical practices you uphold.

The response you get from followers will let you know how important things like being eco-friendly and partnering with nonprofit organizations are to customers.

The way you relate to your customers on social media will show you how to properly spend your marketing funds and appeal to people who are already interested in what your business has to offer, as well as reach consumers who are being introduced to your company for the first time.

In reality, social media networks are excellent platforms for marketing research.

Tamiya King is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health, beauty, fashion, marketing, cooking, and online video platforms. Her passion is writing articles that get shared online.

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