Why You Need A Business Blog!

business blogRegardless of the size of your market research company, blogging could become especially beneficial for your business. A blog can provide insight into the products and services you’re gathering data for, using language and examples that you may not have room for on your company website. You can also boost the reputation of your business by blogging regularly. Here are a few ways to make sure your business blog works for you. 

Blogging Gives You an “Expert” Reputation

When you’re blogging on a regular basis about things that pertain to the market niche you’re researching, the public begins to trust your expert opinion. This is why it’s so important to make sure your research is accurate. Your blog should also include interesting entry titles and practical information that customers can use in their everyday lives.

For instance, if you’re conducting market research for an accounting firm, feature surveys in your blog entries asking readers questions about how they spend money daily, or how they save for their children’s education. Informative material, in addition to the surveys, is great for business reputation management, and makes your company the authority in your niche.

Blogging Increases Customer Interaction

It’s a good idea to enable the comments on your business blog. This way, customers can provide their feedback on the blog entry. You’ll likely get positive comments thanking you for the information you’ve provided, as well as a few questions about the products and services your company researches. Your customers may even give you ideas for your next blog entry based on their inquiries.

Your business blog is also the ideal place to link customers to your social media pages. When you receive a new product to evaluate, create a blog entry with this news, and provide a link to your Facebook or Twitter account so that customers can get more information, provide their opinions and take a look at the high-definition pictures you’ve posted.

When customers can provide you with their opinions and you respond favorably, you’ll be more likely to retain these clients.

Blogging Encourages Teamwork

To build morale within your company, allow each colleague to submit a blog entry or two per week. For example, if you’re in charge of marketing research for a clothing store, let your merchandisers create a survey asking readers which trends are most affordable, while your fashion consultants can take an online poll to determine which clothing pieces are best for formal occasions.

This not only supplies your readers with new material, but allows each member of your professional team know that his/her role is vital to the success of the company. You can also take a more conversational tone on your blog than on your website, so customers will feel more comfortable taking in the advice you provide and offering their honest feedback.

Have a weekly meeting to get everyone’s ideas for upcoming blog entries.

While each of these reasons are great incentives for having a marketing research blog, remember that consistency is important. Your customers should know when to expect blog entries from you. This shows that you’re reliable in other aspects of business, such as providing quality products and extending stellar customer service. Happy blogging!

Tamiya King is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health, beauty, fashion, marketing, cooking, and online reputation. Her passion is writing articles that get shared online.