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Employee Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line: Tips for Surveying Employees

There may have been a time when employee satisfaction was low on the priority list for organizational leaders, but that time is past.  A wealth of research [1] exists that links the satisfaction of employees to customer satisfaction and the profitability of the organization.  But how do organizational leaders find out if their employees are […]

Interview with Matt Dusig – President & Co-founder at uSamp

Brief background of Matt Dusig: Serial entrepreneur, Matt co-founded uSamp (also known as United Sample, Inc.) in March 2008 and serves as its co-president. Matt co-founded and served as its President from goZing’s inception until its acquisition by Greenfield Online. Matt holds a BS from California State University Northridge. Akshay Kanyal: How and when […]

Interview with Dana Stanley, Vice President of Research, Fashion Playtes

Akshay Kanyal: Can you briefly describe your professional background? Dana Stanley: Sure, after studying Psychology and briefly working in politics, I started my research career as an analyst for a political polling firm in Washington, DC. Things really took off when I joined Greenfield Online in 2000. That was back when it was still a […]